Opiekunki Osób Starszych do Anglii

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1. Mr Daniel: monthly rate – around 1200 GBP. Length of stay: minimum 2 months. The client is 81 and lives with his wife in a small locality near Oxford. Mr Daniel suffers from Parkinson and because of that he has mobility problems. He uses a walking stick, Zimmer Frame and wheelchair. At night he uses a special catheter, called Conveene. Thanks to it he sleeps better at night, as there is no need to change his pads. Sometimes, he wakes up at night to drink some water and he may ask his carer to support him. A carer receives money to do the shopping and buy own food. However, the client’s wife does the shopping for herself and her husband.
At the client’s property, there an access to the Internet.

2. Mr Gary: monthly rate – around 1250 GBP. Length of stay: approximately 8 weeks. Location: near Oxford. This is a double contract – where 2 carers work together, taking care of the client who is 72. He used to be a jeweler, who lived in Australia. Mr Gary lives with his wife. He suffered form 3 strokes and is type 1 diabetic, as a result he takes an insulin regularly. He likes watching cookery programs and listening to music. He has problems with mobility, hence he uses a wheelchair. His meals should be blended, as he has difficulties with swallowing. At night, he uses a catheter, called Conveene. Carers have separate bedrooms and an access to the Internet.